Self Shadowing Problem

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  • Dear Enscape team,

    I would like to reiterate the concern for the Face-me component self shadowing problem. In April of 2019 one of your software engineers reported "self-illumination faceme/billboards are not supported, as there was basically zero demand for it, so it was not worth the added complexity.".

    I think that maybe the solution for face-me self shadowing might not be self illumination, and that making this request might be too specific. But, I do want to suggest that there are many people who are in essence asking for the same thing regardless of the actual solution.

    The following are requests/threads for essentially the same fix;

    Enscape for Sketchup-"Face-me" Components Mar. 29 2017

    Sketchup Material Updates June 7 2017

    2D Billboards improper color/shading Oct. 5 2018

    Face me Exposure Components Problem Feb. 6th 2019

    Face me Components do not work April 8 2019 (in which I contributed to Solo's inquiry as well)

    Sketchup-Faceme Components-Self Illumination Oct. 4 2019

    Emmisive material doesn't work on a Face Camera Component Jan.17 2020

    Enable Disable Shadow/Casting/Receiving, Compositing tag Feb. 10 2020

    Enscape for sketchup "Faceme" components Feb. 26 2020

    I imagine that there are others that I did not catch. But my main point is that I don't think I am alone in saying that this is a very pressing problem. I can say that in our workflow we now dedicate several people, countless man hours, to replacing all of the forground trees in our Enscape renders with very tedious Photoshop work.

    At the very least I think there is more than 0 demand for the self shadowing fix.

    We love your product, it is truly a godsend, I would like to love it even more!

    Sincerely, Futureabo

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    Thanks so much futureabo for taking the time to create this post! :) I appreciate it, and I can fully understand you of course. In that regard I will more than gladly note this and bring it up again in our next Customer Service to Developer meeting, in which we can state the demand for this once more, given that there are indeed quite a few threads created already for this subject, so thank you again for also researching and listing them here.

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    Demian Gutberlet Has this issue been fixed?

    I'm afraid not - We had a look at this once more a while ago but it was technically not something which we were able to add straight away. Through your voice, I can also state the additional demand for it, still. But, unfortunately for now there isn't any further news I could share.