Asset lighting not working

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  • Hi Rasara Jayaminda,

    welcome to the Enscape Forum.
    Are you trying to light up your scene with the light fixtures from our Asset Library?

    In case you want to get a proper lighting you can combine the assets with Revit light sources as a family. By the way...To get the look that I have right here you need to enable that light sources are visible in the viewport (it's turned of by default).

    I hope this information will be helpful to you.

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    Can you let me know which CAD solution you are using, please? :) Then I can help you further accordingly.

  • Hi,

    how did you achieve this effect? When I edit asset (edit family) in Revit and change category to Lighting Fixtures and adding light source - nothing happens. I was trying with Revit 2021 + Enscape 3.0.1 with variety of settings - intensity and the type of light source. Is it normal?

  • Hi guys,

    I hope that I can share some more helpful input with you.

    Let's say you place an asset from our Asset Library into your Revit scene. It will be integrated into your "Planting" family by default.

    If you want to use a light source you have to use a separate Light Fixture Family inside your project and then use it in combination with the Asset.

    Best Regards