Massive Revit Model - Enscape can't handle it

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  • Hi All,

    I have a massive Revit model, 20 files, over 100k elements, 3.5gb total after cleaned up. Unfortunately the models aren't the best and have quite a few SAT files loaded into generic models.

    It is a very complex model of a stadium and I need to do some walk through videos and while I can section out interior areas and they will work ok, but there are a few paths I need to do that start at the exterior and end up inside so I need all the models on and rendering.

    I just can't get it to load, I leave it loading for hours (7-8 hours plus) and it ends up crashing out. (I am using Revit 2020 and the latest version of Enscape 2.7)

    Is there something I can do to be able to use Enscape? or will I have to resort to something else

    My system is:

    MSI GT63 Titan

    GPU - NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2080 with 8GB GDDR6

    CPU - Up to 9th Gen. Intel® Core™ i9 Processor

    RAM - 64gb

    Chipset - Intel® HM370

  • The limit for large Models is the VRAM.

    For GPU Rendering, the whole model needs to fit in VRAM.

    I never had models using above 4-6 GB of VRAM so far.

    If you have, looking for Cards with more VRAM should help.

    A RTX 2080 TI has 12 GB, maybe you model would fit in.

    Quadros offer 16 or 32 GB. AMD VII offer 16 GB.

    So mostly "Pro" Cards only offer more VRAM than Gaming Cards

    at higher prices.

    An other solution is NVLink which is interesting as it can add the

    VRAM of all cards. Not sure if that works for all GPU Renderers.

  • Thanks Zoomer,

    Unfortunately, I can't get another computer as I have just got this one and my boss work ok another one.

    So I spent some time cleaning up all the models and deleting all views, sheets etc etc and purged etc and I was able to open it, I wouldn't have though the views and sheets etc would have that much of a impact.

  • A couple of suggestions:

    - Set the detail of your file and all linked files Coarse

    - Hide the visibility of any 2D CAD / DWG files

    - Hide any unnecessary categories before starting Enscape – particularly over detailed content such as furniture or furnishings as well as planting.

    I wouldn't be surprised if there are some problem Components in one of your files that is causing the problem. Start Ensape with one file open and then sequentially turn on the visibility of all of the other links. If Enscape crashes when you try to refresh one of the links go back to that link and see if there's problem elements.

  • Hi Patty - Willow

    Did you try to launch Enscape with that model and see what happens?

    The biggest VRAM consumers are textures and Enscape itself (frame buffer, acceleration structures, shadow maps and so on). Geometry usually does not take much space. Views, sheets, etc. do not have any significant effect on the Enscape memory consumption at all.

    To use as little memory as possible for Enscape itself, you should try to switch to "Draft" quality mode prior to starting Enscape with that model. Also keep Enscape window small - if you have a 4k display and have Enscape fullscreen - you have lost a few gigabytes of VRAM already.

    Textures are scaled down with respect to the world size they occupy, where possible. Even if you have hundreds of textures in the project it will be somewhat hard to waste more that 1-2 gigabytes for textures.

    What will really be bad is startup time. Exporting and processing all the geometry and scaling textures may take much time. But you still could try and see what will happen.

    Good luck!

  • Above suggestion is *very* interesting. Try starting the project with the Material Selection set to Graphic rather than Appearance (General Settings). Enscape Support can confirm if this will reduce GPU compute and memory requirements if Enscape doesn't need to render Appearance mode.

    I tested exporting EXE of a small project using both settings and the file size difference was remarkable. Appearance EXE file was 103mb and Graphic EXE file was 71mb.