ArchiCad 23 Toolbar not showing

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  • Hello!
    I have upgraded my ArchiCad from 21 to 23, I have both student licenses for Archicad and Enscape and I am currently running Enscape 2.7.1. It works great on ArchiCad 21, but on ArchiCad 23 I can't find the toolbar and when I open a file which has Enscape Assets from Archicad21 it tells me they are not compatible and asks me if I want to keep them. I know this version of Enscape now supports ArchiCad 23 so I wonder why is this happening. Do I need to uninstall Enscape and install it again in order for it to run on ArchiCad 23?

    Thanks in advance! :)

  • Hi,

    I have the same issue in upgrading from 22 to 23. I can't find the enscape toolbar and nothing appears in "window > Palettes > Enscape"...

    I'm still using Archicad 22 but some news projects are now on 23. Do I need to uninstall Enscape and install it again ?

    Thanks for your help

    • Official Post

    That could help, yes. Better yet, wait for our latest release 2.8 today and then install that version after uninstalling Enscape 2.7. :)

  • From the menu, select View and verify that the Toolbars option has a check next to it. If there is not a check next to Toolbars, this option is not selected and should be turned on. To turn it on, simply click on it.