• It would be perfect, in Revit, and if it is possible in all softwares, a simple way to assign material trought dragging and dropping the desired material to a 3D surface as unreal engine does. For me, with this and an atmospheric effects improves, enscape would be perfect :)

    Right now we are not using Enscape for certain reasons, but we want and hope that it will be our first and only option in the future, we will surely meet again.

    As the Enscape team always listens to our requests (thanks for the parallel view) :)

    What do you think?

  • Thank you for your feedback!

    That has been requested before a few times of course, I've gladly added your upvote to the existing feature request. :) Also, if you want you can gladly go into detail when it comes to what we could improve upon when it comes to the environment or atmospheric effects? Just so that I can forward it as feedback too.