Mirror quality...not good. Please help!

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  • Let's talk mirrors....

    1) Geometry reflected in mirrors through windows does not render. Only "atmosphere" will render. Is that correct?

    2) Reflected geometry also appears to be very grainy/distorted. Honestly, the mirror quality shows here is unacceptable.

    - Texture is a white color with 100% metallic and 0% roughness. Doesn't appear to be an specific mirror settings in Enscape.

    Is this a limitation and if so, are there plans to update this? The attached image is without any "atmosphere" and just has some tree assets places outside the windows.

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    Hey Tim , thanks a lot for your post! First of, please kindly first of check out this thread here.

    1.) Yes, this behavior is normal in order to reduce performance cost. (To some extend quite substantially)

    2. In that regard, try to make sure that what you like to see in mirror is also directly visible on screen. That is not always easy, and reflections are a topic we're constantly improving on - at the moment though, please try to play around with the perspective and be aware that sometimes very high quality objects will also show in reduced manner in reflections.

    The reflections currently behave as you can see because we have to find a mix between good performance and appearance. It's easy to get perfect reflections in an offline renderer for example, but not in a real-time renderer with an acceptable frame-rate. At least not at the moment. :)

  • Tim That's one of Achilles ferse of Enscape, a stopper for some projects and no change in sight. In your case you could try to mirror the whole scene and to fake the mirror by removing them. You shouldn't see any notable performance lag by doubling the scene. Only the sun light direction could be a problem, maybe you could add a second sun for the mirrored scene or work without a sun.

    It's really a pity that Enscape doesn't provide a solution for this big issue. Also if much more performance would be needed, for stills the frame rate doesn't matter, only the result counts. ;)

  • Never understood that unsane behaviour from mirror reflections on enscape.

    is it an architectural engine?

    yes.... i think this must be the first problem to solve.

    a room is full of reflective object.

    a barber room, a living room, a simple bathroom...

    that is crazy for a plugin like enscape.

    I hope this, will be patched soon.

  • Glad to see I'm not alone in this from the user base. This is a 100% real world bathroom and mirror reflections like this would be something I would not give to a paying client as a representation of my work. I could live with simply using an atmosphere background like "forest" so I get some hint of life outside the windows in reflections, but the reflection issues shown in interior objects and shadows is appalling, to be honest.

    Honestly, I'll happily take the performance hit if mirrors can render properly (or even half as much better). My GTX1080ti will happily oblige...As it is, Enscape is blazingly fast. At $50/month for a single seat sub, this is is not that level caliber of quality.

    Here's a suggestion if performance is indeed the sticking point as support says:

    Enable a drop down TYPE for "mirror" material in the Enscape Materials window. If performance is indeed the main concern, this would lighten the load substantially for reflections that we really depend on for a scene like my example.

    I can't stress this enough so I will say it again:

    I cannot deliver this end result image to a client as a representation of my work. Certainly not for my $50/month to Enscape; not even if it were free.

  • Tim

    Changed the title of the thread from “Mirror quality...not good. Pleas help!” to “Mirror quality...not good. Please help!”.
  • came across this today. Not really an ideal solution but could get you through in a pinch.

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  • mintstick I'm not sure I understand right - is the scene mirrored behind the mirror or not? The SU viewport doesn't show a mirrored scene behind the window. Or is there an other trick?

    I believe it's just back to back models at the intersection point of the mirror. Maybe the material applied changes the view in viewport. But I think the basis is make that mirror texture some type of see through material for instance glass. Then your not looking at a reflection rather looking through into an exact but opposite model

  • I've seen this trick before in native SketchUp without a rendering app. But then what's the point of rendering app? Especially something like Enscape that is billed as being a massive time saver- it absolutely IS...just not in this scenario.

  • ...The reflections currently behave as you can see because we have to find a mix between good performance and appearance. It's easy to get perfect reflections in an offline renderer for example, but not in a real-time renderer with an acceptable frame-rate. At least not at the moment. :)

    ... I fully understand and enjoy your, Enscape´s approach and concept of course. However, this means that we all constantly have to keep and run another renderer for good lossless renderings. So I also support the demand for lossless mirroring capability. Could a render mode choice, like Realtime vs Lossless be an option for the future?
    At the end of the day a urgently needed 20 minutes high quality still counts probably more than a 10 seconds realtime...

  • Just to "poke the bear" a bit more here....

    I just found the FAQ on the forum listed here and saw: Why are some of my objects/parts of my project not displayed in reflections?

    TLDR: This forum FAQ was posted in 2018...so this issue has been around for a LONG time and is seemingly a dead-end feature update. I mean, come on Enscape Dev's- if it had to be posted in the FAQ, it's definitely needing to be addressed. If anything, just tell us now if it's never gonna happen and we'll all move on (maybe literally?).

  • Sorry for my English...

    I am waiting for the Enscape team to solve this BIG problem called mirror reflections ... only then can I start using it in a more certain way. With all due respect ... these reflections for interior architecture are very bad.