Enscape causing Revit 2017 to crash when exporting to PDF

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  • Hello,

    I've recently uncovered an issue when using RTV Exporter 2017 in Revit 2017 that when we export to PDF Revit is crashing (see error below) after some trial and error i've uncovered that this had started after installing Enscape, i then disabled the add in for 2017 as it was working fine in 2018 Revit and newer, I was then able to Export to PDF without Revit Crashing.

    Any ideas on the issue would be appreciated as ideally i don't want Enscape to be disabled in Revit 2017

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    brettpaton23 , thanks a lot for your report!

    Can you kindly send in a feedback report as described here, then we can further investigate why this issue is occurring - we resolved some incompatibility issues in the past in that regard, it may have resurfaced again with that version.