Batch-render improvement / fix to 2.7> issue

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  • Hello Enscape team!

    My following suggestion is also discussed in the following thread. There just havent been any official answers from you in there.

    Batch Rendering Inefficiencies with 2.7

    The batch rendering in Enscape 2.7 and onward is highly inefficiant and takes way more time to complete than before.

    I see that alot of other people suggested it in that thread too, so it's more than just me struggeling with the issue.

    There should be a way to disable Enscape from updating all geometry while doing batch renderings. Either as a toggle-checkmark in the Global Settings or as a separat batch-render button. Like the below image.

    I really hope you will change this, because it's a real pain to work with and forced us to downgrade to 2.6 with small asset library and less features. It will only get worse with next update if it's not fixed.

    Before 2.7 we could batch-render 30 views in just a few minutes and now the machine is locked doing this for 5-10 times longer.

    I do understand why you would add this function, but the fact is that if I need geometry to change ei. using designoptions or likewise, its much, much faster to use batch render on every single view in 2.6, change the desginoption and render every single view again, than it is to just let 2.7 render the views once. This needs to change or the user-friendliness and easy of use is gone.

    The thing is that this needs to be corrected ASAP, because I'm sure there are alot of people like us who has had to downgrade to 2.6 which means all the new updates arent available! Something as simple as a toggle-switch as many others suggested is the easiest fix to implement, but very powerful indeed! Then maybe down the line you find a way to make the scene-update process much faster and then it is actually usable.

    • Official Post

    HRRenner , there are a few things we're changing at the moment when it comes to the batch rendering function and rendering images generally, stay tuned for these changes - in our latest preview, we have for example already split the batch rendering and usual screenshot rendering into two buttons again. Check it out if you like if that may also already be helpful to you. :)