PC upgrade/modification advice

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  • I'd like to upgrade my PC a bit from the attached specification, but I've never had to do this on a PC that I own as previous employers have been the ones responsible (Covid put an end to that unfortunately), so I'd appreciate any guidance. Plus, as you can imagine, I can't be taking large financial gambles presently, so I'll have a maximum budget of £500.

  • Question: why are you wanting to upgrade? are you struggling to work smoothly, render times longer than you would like?

    You could go to an RTX 2060:


    And maybe some NvME storage:


    Other than that maybe sort some decent cpu cooling and play around overclocking the CPU?

    I'm not an expert by the way just some thoughts haha

    N.B. your setup is more than enough for reasonable modelling and rendering times and fluidity

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    Grizzler , thanks a lot for your post.

    So with £500 you should find something nice like a RTX 2070 Super for example as an upgrade - as mentioned above by mintstick , the RTX 2060 Super also isn't bad, if your budget only allows that one. But, overall your machine is already decent - a dedicated GPU upgrade will have the most influence on performance at the moment. A faster SSD with NvME storage for example is really nice as well if you want everything too boot up and start really fast, if you generally want more performance in Enscape though, maybe use it with VR too for example, go with an GPU upgrade. :)

  • Thank you for responding. My rendering times are acceptable, but they do appear to be getting a bit slower over time, plus the current GPU seems to be towards the bottom end of Nvidia products so I'm trying to make sure I'm not going to suffer in the near future.