Anyone using Enscape in VR - Interested to hear experiences

  • understood. we purchased these pcs about 2 years ago, they are HP's. Personally I am not for buying "prebuilt" machines. I always go custom but I had no choice here nor did I have any input on them. The quadros are fine for revit but now that we are wanting to go into VR it seems we need something more on the gaming side in terms of video cards versus the application side with quadro. i'm looking at the gtx 1070 or TI model based on it's benchmark testing:

    We only need 1 card since we have a designated VR pc so i'm not out too much $$.

    thanks guys. any other recommendations would be appreciated.

  • tkoltoniak I would definitely recommend to go for a GTX 1080 (Ti). The GTX 1070 is already at its limits in VR.

  • thanks Jonathan. i tried using a pc with a gtx 1060 card this weekend. it was not my typical VR pc just a new pc build I did for my nephew over Christmas. AMD ryzen chip, 16gigs ram, gtx 1060 card. it was a tad better than the quadro m5000 card. I still had "black" areas when I moved my head to fast. on the monitor it was fine but in the headset it lagged greatly trying to keep up. I figured I might have that same issue but wanted to check. I just hate to spend another $1000.

  • The GTX cards are superior to the older Quadros. The chip of the GTX 1060 isn't powerful enough. So you're going for the 1080?

  • hey john. yes sir. it looks like i'll have to go with the 1080 or 1080ti card to get the quality I need. I work in healthcare constructions so I need it to be the highest quality/experience possible. and if I can get it with the 1080ti then I'll go ahead and do it. :)

  • For reference....we use Enscape in VR a lot...but our exe's are only about 100 mb. I would be interested to see a screenshot of the model to gauge complexity

    We have 1070s and 1080s and they work great on our desktops.