Unecessary Model Exporting

  • In Revit, A change in a linked model is not reflected until that model is reloaded. Only then should Enscape look for changes in links and re-export them.

    Additionally, when there is a sync to central, this does not update links so enscape shouldnt be looking for changes in linked models at the moment either.

    Currently, moving a column in the host model will trigger Enscape to look for changes in all models and export all of them. Its inefficient - can we change that?

  • mattendler , thanks a lot for your feedback. This is currently implemented in such a way due to technical reasons, as you've probably guessed already though. We're looking into ways to improve this in the future, at the moment there is no way to adjust this behavior.

  • Demian Gutberlet Thanks for your reply -- I think we should have the dev team describe techinically what is happening so the userbase can provide better feedback. Give us an understanding of the back end so we can help you with the front end. I remember older versions of Enscape where this was not as big of a problem...am I crazy to think that?

  • mattendler

    Changed the title of the thread from “Please stop the sync function from attempting to export all links when not necessary” to “Unecessary Model Exporting”.
  • Demian Gutberlet For example, I'm trying to change material textures in my host model, and that is triggering a re-export of all the link :( Our firm will be downgrading until this is fixed...

    I will discuss this in our next developer meeting! To see if we can improve the performance even when different geometry is being taken into account per view now.