Making two completely separate windows for "Visual Settings" and "General Settings" is unecessary

  • Why divide between the two? Just create more tabs. Its just another place to figure out where something is. For example, The capture page doesn't have the Hotkey Listing for Screenshots, I have to go to the other dialogue for end up creating a division that feels heavyhanded.

  • I have to agree at least for the following point.

    For whatever reason my General Settings tab take a while to open.

    ... AND the only time I need to open it is when,

    1) the Capture Hotkey link gets broken (why does this happen btw?)

    2) I need to turn grass rendering On / Off (why is this not ALSO controllable in Materials, ideally on a per material basis?)

    So, I only need to go there for 2 rare occurrences, both of which seem unnecessary to me, which makes the lag in opening seem to take FOREVER... ;-)

  • I've noticed that too - the lag for the general settings seems inordinate.

    I've also noticed the Capture hot key sometimes doesn't work. I usually select the view again from the saved views pull-down when that happens. Sometimes do other fiddling with the view. It's temporary, but thought I'd chime in that I've seen it too.