Proxies linked files

  • Hi there,

    I'm trying to understand the best way I could take advantage of the proxies.

    I've been using transmutr to convert heavy files into proxies.

    It exports two files - one simplified (FI: Armchair.skp) and a full mesh file (Armchair_fullGeometry.skp)

    When importing the light armchair.skp into a model, it automatically gets the fullGeometry into the rendered Enscape window. That's so simple and efficient

    Because the armchair has to vary with complex texture and colors, I'm now trying to make Save a copy of the original Armchair and Armchair_fullGeometry, with a new name (FI: ArmchairRed and "...fullGeometry") , and dealing with the new colors and textures inside the new files. When I insert this new ArmchairRed inside a model, it still shows the original files (Armchair.skp) and render the Armchair_fullGeometry inside the Enscape view instead of the new ArmcharRed file

    So my question is: What makes enscape interprets that the light file you insert has to be rendered by the fullGeometry one. And why duplicating a file for making some variation of it doesn' t work and still render the original file? If I didn't have transmutr, how could I create proxies (not just by placing linked enscape objects that just makes proxies with a bounding edges box) ?


  • Bkhr

    Changed the title of the thread from “Proxies mindset” to “Proxies linked files”.
  • Bkhr , proxies seem to be rather popular among the SketchUp community, but this is still something I'll have to ask our developers, they know the exact system behind this and the technical limitations and such. :)

    I'll be getting back to you with a dedicated explanation as soon as I can! I'll also let you know in case we require more information from your side. Thanks for a bit more patience!

  • Thank you Demian Gutberlet

    I'm dealing with some things I probably don't manage good enough.

    - Sometimes when reloading a general Sketchup file, linked objects are kind of lost when launching render window, that means the path (that hasn't changed) has to be relinked, and then the light mesh object is dropped off

    - Light mesh object, linked to a full geometry, becomes just a vertices bounding box as soon as I modify and save the linked full geometry source file