GPU Utilization at 80%.

  • Hi Team,

    I am new to enscape and i am already enjoying it very much.

    I am having the following doubts.

    1. I have an RTX 2060 Super GPU. does enscape utilize the hardware ray tracing if so how do i enable it.

    2.Does it support distributed rendering

    3. i am currently working on a video walkthrough and my GPU usage is hovering around 80% levels, and RAM at 55% level out of 16GB RAM.

    Why its not utilizing 100% of GPU. this render takes 2-2.5hrs to complete. is there any thing i can do to speed it up

    4. Is it possible to make people and cars move in enscape ?

  • janardhanan , thanks a lot for your post and welcome to our forums.

    1. Yes, Enscape does support ray tracing - it's enabled by default, you can check if that's 100% the case on your machine as well if you go into the "General Settings" -> "Performance" tab. Here you can disable or enable RTX.

    2. Not at the moment. We do not see any need for this for now, since our renderings times are usually very speedy anyway, but I've forwarded your feedback.

    3. That is normal. There is a nice explanation why that is in the first comment of this Reddit thread here. Also, are you rendering a video? If so, with which resolution and how long is it? If you're rendering images only, it should definitely not take that long - in that regard please send in a feedback report so that we can investigate why you experience this issue:…sing-the-feedback-button/

    4. Not at the moment, this will be implemented in a future version of Enscape though, perhaps Enscape 2.9. :)

  • Thanks for the Revert Demian.

    Anytime! :) In very urgent cases, please also send a mail to The response should usually be bit faster than compared to this channel right here.