Issue with skybox and synched views in rhino

  • Hello, I am attempting to make some renders from an elevation view in enscape for rhino. For some reason, the skybox completely disappears when I enter a synced view, which I believe was not happening for me before. I have attempted to fix this in settings but I can only seem to the skybox when using the enscape camera to fly around instead of a synced view, which is preventing me from getting the render that I would like.

  • ariley547 , you may have our "Orthographic" view enabled? You can adjust this in the Visual Settings -> Projection. Or, via the little Ui you'll find on the top right in Enscape itself, if you can't see it press "H" on your keyboard. In the "Orthographic" view, the skybox is indeed disabled for technical reasons. If you also see no background in the other projections, let me know. :)