Transparency Texture Depends on Absolute Path for Enscape Automatically Generated Material (Sketchup)

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  • What is the desired/expected behavior?

    Transparency textures should not be linked to a hard coded path when Enscape automatically pulls them from textures embedded in Sketchup. I should be able to delete/rename/move , etc the original texture and the material in Enscape should be unaffected.

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    Which host application do you use and which version? (Revit, Rhino or SketchUp)


    What are the steps to reproduce the issue?

    I used a png in sketchup with alpha information. Enscape automatically created a material with Transparency Texture pulled the embedded sketchup texture (png). As a Sketchup user, I know that sketchup keeps these textures as a part of the file, and since Enscape pulled it automatically, and I did not have to choose a path / location on my hard drive, I expect the Transparency mask would remain a part of the file even if I delete/rename the original png file that was selected for the Sketchup materials. This is how Sketchup works, and because Enscape automatically created the material, this is how I expect Enscape would work.

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