Wetlands And Prairie

  • Sketchup 2020, Skatter, PS and, of course, Enscape 2.8 beta w/ RTX

    Finally picked up a Titan RTX just to help render bigger scenes like this one. Almost all of the surface objects (houses, trees/plants, people, etc) were Enscape proxies. Still took more than 13GB of vram to render and sadly my Titan card was still brought to a crawl with everything turned on!




  • Thanks Demian! Speaking of performance, I had a hard time deciding whether I should get the Titan RTX or a Quadro RTX 5000. Obviously I went with the Titan, mostly for the 24GB of VRAM, but I'm now wondering if the Quadro would have actually been the better choice for performance on big scene like this.

    Have you or your team done any performance testing using Quadro RTX cards vs Geforce/Titan RTX cards?

    Also, can Enscape take advantage of more than one graphics card or shared VRam through NVLink?

    I've still got time to return my Titan card and get the Quadro. If Enscape can take advantage of multi-cards/NVLink, I'd maybe prefer to go with the Quadro and a second one later if 16GB VRAM is not enough.

  • Pardon about the late response :) - The Quadro cards really are a lot more expensive, even more so than the Titan RTX cards. Looking at benchmarks, it also seems that the Quadros would not really be faster. Enscape would not really be making use of the advantages which could come from NVLink, but if budget would be out of the equation you may get a slight performance boost. Overall, when it comes to these larger scenes some hit on the performance is normal, especially since there are so many detailed objects placed down - you may look into placing a few less, and play around with the perspective a bit which should also yield quite a bit more performance in the long run. And, for example, for the very far out trees you could use less detailed ones - even 2D trees for example could still look good in the end result.