Wish: automatic save for EnscapeTakeScreenshotCommand ("poor mans Bongo animation rendering" :) )

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  • Hi,

    here one more of my crazy ideas to get more from Enscape. ;)

    Could it be possible that this command create a more unique file name and allow to automatic save it? My idea is to get one of my first big Enscape wishes working - rendering of Rhino Bongo animations.

    My dirty workaround would be to start a Bongo animation rendering based on the simple Rhino display screenshot output, but additional to use _BongoBonusToolForEachFrame and create an automatic Enscape screenshot. I would measure the needed time and add a longer render frame delay at the Bongo output options. So, each frame would be rendered by the Rhino screenshot and additional I get an Enscape screenshot.

    This workflow isn't perfect, but only a little bit code enhancement would allow to use Bongo rendering, a big step forward - free camera animation, free object movements. So, I cross my finger and hope to get this little code enhancement. ;) Please see it as an interesting experiment.


    PS: Got my GTX1080 Ti now and I'm curious to to use the power. :)

    • Official Post

    Hi Micha, thank you very much for your Feedback! I have filed your request for our developers, so they're informed about the demand for this feature!