Mobile VR/ 360 panoramas

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    I believe I have asked about this before I think months ago, but Is it possible, or planned, to implement a means of movement in the mobile "VR" part? Right now the only option is to create points, which you then send to clients. Normally I do normal virtual reality for clients, but since this epidemic and lock down, things have become increasingly more dependent on distance communication and offering the same kind of service over the internet.

    Renders and videos works fine in this situation, but whenever using panorama 360, the question always comes up, are we able to move around somehow? Would it not be possible to create different points in viewing distance of each other throughout a house, and be able to point towards it with a point and be able to jump to that location? So each point works exactly like how it does now, but just being able to create multiple points and being able to jump between them?

    Thanks for any feedback!

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    Hume , thanks a ton for your feedback as well!

    I can totally understand why you would like to have some kind of standalone files available on mobile phones as well - at the moment though, most mobile phones wouldn't be capable of running larger projects, or detailed projects smoothly enough, which also makes VR mobile standalone files impossible. But, just for now - I am rather confident that it's only a matter of time until our Web Standalones (or some other standalones we'll provide) can be used smoothly on smartphones as well, given how fast this technology is proceeding with new advancements and substantial performance improvements.

    In the meantime, there is nothing else I can add to this, it will take a little bit more patience until this is available in the future. :)

  • Thanks for the reply!

    There is already some company who is doing this, over the web. (Just not at all sure what they are using to do it. I think they created their own system.) It is all just 360 panoramas. Only in one instance though. So you could point to somewhere and "jump" to it. Would be amazing if or when Enscape could implement something similar. And I did not mean having a standalone exe or apk on a phone, I meant in keeping with the link method. Just somehow multiple links (think points where you rendered the 360 from) in one. Not sure how to do something like this. Maybe for starters have a little menu where you could teleport between links, and the creator/ artist, obviously name the links like "kitchen", "lounge" etc. My idea is just to go beyond such a menu and just point at other points in real time. Even if it has to load a little.

    But anyway, thanks again for the reply!