Enscape crash with Nvidia RTX2060

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  • Hi! I have been testing Enscape with my new RTX2060 Graphics card, I felt the performance boost in many cases yet in some occasions I could not export more than 4000pixel images with RTX on because the progress bar simply won`t move on and crashes at the end, however in some other cases I could only export the scene with RTX on. I am very confused what is causing this weird performance issue. Does it happen due to the complexity of geometry or the size of high quality textures? or something else? I really want to know. How can we fully utilize the advantage of RTX feature? Will this issue be fixed in Version 2.8? Is there a limit for the maximum size of renderings? Does it depend on the graphic memory of the graphic card?

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    Does it depend on the graphic memory of the graphic card?

    Yes, most of the time this is the case - overall this in turn also means that the complexity of the project and the rendering resolution can be the cause of a crash when the VRAM runs full. But, to let you know exactly, please kindly submit a feedback report:


    This way we can have a look at your machine information, as well as the provided log files, to get behind the problem. :) Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation.