Material Specular Map inverted

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  • Hello EnscaperUser/Team,

    i assume i found an error in Enscape with the glossiness/specular Map/Shader interpretation of Vectorworks Materials.

    In the following Link is a Online 3D Viewer of a decorative High Pressure Laminate Sheet(HPL) we use in or Company.

    After getting all Maps(Diffuse, Bump,Specular) from the Manufacturer

    i created the material in Vectorworks and renderered it with Vectorworks Renderworks.

    All fine. Everything works as expected and look like the Material in real.

    If i render this setup now in Enscape the Glossness is inverted. So all Spots that have to be mat are glossy and vice versa.

    To fix that i have to invert the Glossiness Map in the Vectorworks material so that all white areas(reflection in VWX) get Black und all black areas(matt in VWX) get white.

    If i do so Enscape is OK but VWX is now incorect cuz of the invertet Specular Map

    Is that a known issue or do i misunderstood here something?

    Thanks @all

    Greetings from Germany


    PS: all files attached so you can check yourself
    External Upload cz of 2MB Max Upload ...VWX Download

  • H.Jakob

    Changed the title of the thread from “Material Specular Map interpreted inverted” to “Material Specular Map inverted”.
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    Thanks a lot for your post H.Jakob , and welcome to our forum. I have gladly forwarded this our developers just to make sure whether or not this is by design. Getting back to you once I know more! :)

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    H.Jakob , so, this behavior was indeed caused by an internal bug, which we have now fully resolved - a fix for this behavior will be implemented with our next upcoming preview, and next full release of course.

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    Problem is fixed btw.(Enscape 2.8)

    Thanks @ TeamEnscape :)

    Happy to hear that, you're welcome! :)