VW roadmap

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  • Hi!

    I'm very interested in Enscape, but...:/:/:/

    At the moment, my workflow is:

    VW -> c4d -> OctaneRender

    So, I'm getting pratics about mapping in VW and import mesh of furniture I've made in years using c4d, via obj or (better) 3ds, but I feel it something of painful.

    Now, my question is: will Enscape_VW perform the same features of Enscape_skp?

    What about materials? And lightning? Same features?

    Ok, you wrote that at the end of June, we'll get the props too, but I'm a little bit confused.

    I'm VW user since its name was minicad (1989) so, if I were to switch to skp, you could understand, that it can take so long time.

    Maybe, I need some more info.

    Hope you could understand me.

    Thank you


    P.S. Is there some standalone Enscape app?

  • Toscano

    Vectorworks Lighting is being improved upon as I write, and the Material Editor will be provided at some point in the near future, although I can't say exactly when that would happen at this point in time.

    Other Enscape features will be bought to Vectorworks as and when they are developed, and we do hope to achieve some kind of closer parity between CAD's where this is possible.

    In regards to a Standalone Enscape, It is possible to export a project inside a Standalone Executable that can then be sent to your clients, for example.

  • bava, Toscano - we should see these improvements coming to Enscape before the years end. I cant be any more specific than that at this stage unfortunately, but hopefully that gives you some idea.