Anyone tried GTX 1650 Ti 4GB Max-Q?

  • Has anyone tried GTX 1650 Ti 4gb Max-Q? Surely it's not a capable GPU, but the new 15" XPS looks so fantastic with minimal bezel and 16:10 screen ratio, finally.


    The only questionable thing is the weak GPU. Not sure how well it'd handle Enscape. I have a desktop, i7-7800, 32GB ram with GTX 1070 Ti. It works fine with some lagging. I'm not sure how far 1650 Ti Max-Q would be behind 1070 Ti in the real world use.

    Dell also released 17" XPS with RTX 2060, but probably I don't want to carry a 17" laptop. I always missed using Apple laptops even though all programs I use for work are on Windows, but Dell is seriously making Apple laptops look really bad. Not just for value, for the aesthetics. I just wish MS bites the bullet and clean up Windows even if that means any legacy programs won't work anymore. But it's a totally different discussion.

  • In my experience (own a Razer Blade Stealth 13" as a private laptop) the GTX1650 Max-Q runs Enscape reasonably well, which means you usually get around 30fps in medium sized projects on quality high. So if Dell builds a Ti version (wasn't aware that there exists one) in the XPS15 it should work even a little smoother than that :) However I don't have exact performance figures of the GTX1070 with Enscape at hand to put that into context.

    I guess it depends on the project complexity you're working on and if you want to consider VR at some point. Also the GTX1650 doesn't have RTX support, so that might be an argument with future perspective in favor of a machine with at least a RTX2060.

    Hope that helps!

  • For now I am using a 1050 ti 4gb (just purchased a 1660 super which will arive somehere these days).

    But the 1050 still does quite a good and reasonable fast trick on high quality. Ofcourse not a huge screen when I walk through it, but it works pretty well.

    Some nuance, I am still in the first month, so quite a rookie. ;)

  • Thanks for the reply. A bit surprised you could use Enscape well enough with GTX1650.

    GTX 1650 Ti Max-Q is a bit new, but not sure if there's any meaningful difference from the regular GTX1650.…_10309_9828.247598.0.html

    Max-Q or not, it's still in a laptop and limited to thermal limits. It's basically the GPU tuned to draw less power, sustained, at the cost of slightly less performance. Seeing Max-Q in a laptop is an an indicator that the laptop is likely "thin and light," and geared towards the mainstream market.