GTX 1080 Ti - my first impression: single graphic card not full used :(

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  • Hi,

    today I installed a GTX1080Ti (EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 GAMING 11GB) and ... I wonder that the GPU isn't so heavy used like expected. I have seen request for multiple GPU but it looks like there is quite a lot of potential at single GPU usage that could be enabled before. The fans of the card never started to noticeable run.

    For example I have a complex train interior and I walk through per arrow keys - average GPU usage approx. 33% and the display quality is still basic. If I stop than the rendering needs 3..4s to finalize - approximated average GPU usage maybe 50%. I rendered an animation at 1080p - average GPU usage 37%.

    Animation at 4k is using 98% GPU power. That's great, but here it's a problem to play the file later. Most video players are not ready to show 4k.

    Also in mirrors the most of the scene is invisible, but the whole system Enscape+Rhino+WINDOWS is using 4GB of 11GB only.

    So my request - please allow to stronger use the power and memory of high end cards. Looks like there are resources to let it run on doubled or more speed.

    Sorry for bringing the bad news. I hope some improvements are possible.


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    First of all: Please don't take "measurements" of tools like gpu-z for granted. They aren't very precise and more importantly might not actually show what you think they are. We're of course doing utilization profiling and Enscape is utilizing usually a pretty good 95-99% of your gpu. Of course this varies with scene size/complexity, but optimizing for very small scenes simply doesn't make sense for us, as most of our customers' projects are pretty big.

    I'd suggest: Enjoy the great power of your new hardware & let us worry about how to make the best use of it ;)

  • Clemens Musterle - you closed my first thread extremely fast. Did you mean "shut up"? I suppose so no. ;)

    I want to say that the power is really not used, since the air fans stay quiet, unhearable (other GPU renderer let the card run loud and hot here). Also please look at the GPU usage of the 4k Animation - it looks quite perfect. You need to understand the users view, it cost a lot of money to get best GPU power and it looks bad, if the card stay quite&cool. Maybe it's a bug here, if your card is running hot.

    About complexity - the scene I tested is one of my heaviest scenes - a three wagon train full of seats. If this is a small scene for you, than it's a good news, because most of the Rhino users will stay below this complexity (the Rhino 5 display is slowed down by the 32.324.263 triangulated polygons) and the code could be opened for enhancements like no hiding objects at mirrors. Complex scenes like you mean will never handled at Rhino 5, maybe at Rhino 6. I understand that Enscape need to deal with old standard and new high end graphic cards . As Pro user I miss a more aggressive use of GPU and memory. Please talk with the developer to find a solution for an adapt high end usage. ;)

    Sorry, if I'm to persistent - Enscape is so nice and can't get enough from it. :)


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    Micha you are talking to a developer here, so please be reassured that we actually know what we're talking about. We're also here in the forum to get a feeling what's bugging customers the most and we've definitely noted your request of having the option to enforce an object's reflection visibility. I can assure you we'll come up with a solution for the issue which will fit your requirements and the requirements of our average architecture customer as well :) But please also understand that this forum is not the place to discuss technical background in-depth.