Enscape Lights in rhino

  • Seems the Enscapes lights in SketchUp works much better then using rhino lights in Enscape.

    In SketchUp, It does not slow down the rendering even though a lot of lights added in the model.

    But in rhino, it significantly slow down and could crash often.

    I wonder when we can have a panel of Enscape’ lights just like SketchUp has.

    I guess then we can have a much fast and stable lights rendering solution


  • There is no plan at the present time to introduce Enscape lighting in to Rhino, as the native Rhino lighting is deemed to have the same functionality.

    However, your claim that Rhino is being slowed down by this is interesting.

    Could you contact us on our support email referencing the URL for this thread? As, we may require further information from you, and possibly some log files and its easier to do this over the email /ticketing system.

    That email is: support@enscape3d.com.