Sketchup file crashing when opening Enscape in Sketchup 2020 (but works fine in 2018)

  • Hello, I am new to the forums and have been using Enscape with Sketchup 2018 for about 10 months. Recently I upgraded my SU version from 2018 to 2020 and had a problem with file crashing after launching the Enscape window.

    1. What is the desired/expected behavior? Open Enscape render window
    2. Which Enscape version do you use? Latest, Version 2.7.1+20886
    3. Which host application do you use and which version? SketchUp 2020 Pro
    4. What are the steps to reproduce the issue? Open the file attached below in SU2020 and press the button to launch Enscape. Once the Enscape window loads fully, the Sketchup file crashes, without leaving a prompt or bug/crash report. When I save down to SU2018 and have a colleague launch Enscape, it renders fine. Deleting out all the furniture and purging resolves the crashing in SU2020. All other files that I have been working on in SU2020 are able to launch Enscape just fine without crashing the file.
    5. Can you provide an example file or at least an image where we can observe what's happening? See feedback email

    Hope this is enough information to be helpful.

    Thanks! :thumbsup:


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