Hard crash while panning Enscape view (computer shuts down) GTX1070 card

  • I am experience system instability with Enscape, and an Intel X99 board with a GTX 1070 graphics card. (I recently had to rebuild my computer for other reasons, and this particular motherboard may have some issues, so I can't say it's definitely an Enscape issue.) The issue occurs when I am trying to pan and adjust the Enscape view in a moderately complex interior model - the computer will suddenly crash and completely shut down. I had been working in 2.7, and tried loading the 2.8 preview 4 version, but I experienced the same trouble. As long as I am not panning in the Enscape viewport, I haven't had this happen otherwise. I'll try to do some testing on my system, but wanted to raise this issue in case others have seen any similar issues.

  • Sure! I am doing some hardware adjustments and then test on an older computer. I'm concerned it may be a hardware issue. I'll update here first. If I still have issues I'll send a feedback report.