Headlights, Taillights, and Drivers in Enscape Vehicles (SketchUP ver.) It CAN be done.

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  • I don't know if anyone else has shared this or not but i haven't seen it so...

    This is not really tutorial, but using a combination of Enscape spot lights and self illuminating materials you can create decent looking vehicle lighting for night renders. The placement is just trial and error, but once you have it you could save a component that had placement markers to make it repeatable. Of course each car will be different. I am not really sure how this works but it does. I have uploaded a few shots of how the model looks in SketchUp and the result in Enscape.

    It's even easier with drivers. Just plop them in.

    I just used one screen showing the Enscape window and the other was where I used SketchUp and just unsynched the views. I used parallel projection with top, front, and side views, and would tweak it little by little until it looked right(ish). This goes for lights and drivers. The only thing is the drivers' feet will pull a Fred Flinstone and appear out of the bottom of the car.

    As a note: I didn't research the actual lighting of these vehicles as my renders were not up close the the examples. So they may not be in the exact right place.

    Hope this helps.

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  • This is another place it would be great if the library was updated to already have accurate lighting in them..removing all this effort (which I have done as well but typically on an skp model) Of course that would complicate things as you would need a switch to turn them off. Or maybe there is a specific set of a few cars that have lights on. It would also be good if some of the asset cars were a bit nicer.. in other words as you get closer to them segmented arcs in wheel arches etc.. become apparent.. why I keep a library of skp cars as well

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