Reflection Problems

  • Hi Enscape Team,

    I'm noticing some issues with reflections in Rhino 6, I'm using version 2.7.1+20886.

    I have a fairly large and complex model full of Escape asset trees. When I view a glass wall and move around, the reflections of nearby trees and objects disappear and reappear seemingly at random. Moving closer to the wall seems to get rid of many reflections of nearby trees. When moving around, reflections pop in and out. This is also not solved in videos, the same behavior is also visible. I have a powerful workstation so it's not a hardware limitation (RTX5000, 8core 4GHz processor). Is my model too big? Are the model extents too far? Is the model too far away from 0,0,0? I tried reducing the model with clipping planes but this did not help. Any suggestions are welcome as well as any previous builds that I can try with more stable reflections.