Disappointing Performance

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  • I'm pretty disappointed with Enscape at this point. The last stable version in which everything seemed to work well - with very high/smooth framerate, was 2.6.0+11215. I'm paying the same subscription rate as everyone else, yet cannot take advantage of any of the new features that come with updates. The jerky framerate from 2.7.1+20886 is simply unacceptable - given the fact that we do a lot of live virtual tours for customers. All other versions between 2.6.0 and 2.7.1 would cause freezes upon opening the render window. Exposed cove lighting - mentioned in my previous thread - remains an unfixed issue (and the thread was never addressed after my last post).

    I just re-installed 2.6.0+11215 and the framerate is smooth as glass - at least 60fps.

    Which leads to another problem: Enscape devs need to truly add the ability to view the FPS in the Enscape render window. Our company does constant testing on different hardware configs, and the ability to see the frame rate is important.

    At this point I'm open to suggestions and trying whatever you suggest with 2.7.1.

    Here's my machine specs.

    I've tried both versions on SketchUp 2019 and 2020.

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    Sorry to hear that you're still having issues with the latest Enscape releases. I'm not sure what exactly could be the issue on your particular configuration (as the hardware is obviously quite capable), but did you try to disable RTX support in the 2.7.1 version and see if that helps? RTX support is the main difference from 2.6.0 and later versions.

    Other than that we're of course quite interested to get a hold of projects where you notice such performance regressions, if that's possible for you.

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    I noticed decrease in performance as well compared to previous versions. There is a constant flickering when moving the scene.

    i7 and RTX2080TI

    I'm sorry to hear about that - when it comes to the flickering itself, is there maybe a chance you could also record this behavior? I suppose, that you began to notice a decrease in performance ever since RTX has been supported? I reckon it does then help if you disable RTX via the General Settings -> Performance? :) Just to make sure we'd also love to have a look at your feedback report if you could send one over. Also, have you ensured that your graphics card drivers are all up to date?

  • Okay, the jerky framerate is definitely the result of enabling RTX. Once that's turned off, it goes back to an acceptably smooth experience. Hopefully that will be fixed.

    The cove lighting is still broken, however, with odd light leaks:

  • I have a 1660 super and upon install RTX was turned on via the Enscape settings, but turning RTX off does improve the render times drastically, almost by half.

    Just out of curiosity is there a difference in quality between having it on or not? Contemplating RTX card but if having it on is both slow AND quality-wise not any better then what is the point...