Question about coming feauture (wind)

  • I have seen that you guys are implementing 'wind' or at least moving grass/vegetation. I really look forward to this, but I wonder: Is this applicable to only Enscape assets/grass textures, or does it also work with other models which happen to have 'foliage/leaf' keywords in them for instance? Or like, will there be a toggle/way of adding movement to own components?

    Can't wait to see the outcome of it all! :)

  • Hi DeKoetsier

    the animated vegetation in 2.8 will only work on assets from our asset library as there are some preparation steps required to be done. In simple terms: you'll need to mark which vertices are branches, which are leafs etc so we can generate a believable animation out of it. That beeing said, there're custom/user generated assets on our agenda for upcoming versions of Enscape and in that case - provided you did the required model preparation in your 3d modelling application beforehand - it should also work for your own assets.

    Material based, procedural grass is of course always animated :)