Lock Views in Enscape

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  • When adjusting the sun setting - the sensitivity can quickly miss-align the view. Is there a way to "lock" the view in Enscape. I've tried locking the "linked" view in Revit - that also does not work.

    Current Work Flow:

    - Set desired views, save view in Revit / favorite in Enscape.

    - Adjust sun settings

    - Unfortunately, any slight movement aside from shift+hold down right button will cause view to shift inadvertently creating a new view. Must go back to desired view and set again.

    - Constantly adjusting sun angle for many different camera angles in project, and the interruption can eat away time.

  • When you save a view from Enscape it saves out the sun position, but there is no option to update the sun for that camera (you could do it manually in the revit view but that can be very complicated). An 'update camera' button that would update camera&sun position would be great.

  • yea we struggle with this as well...we end up just re-saving the view and deleting the original because there's no way to "push" the nuances in sun setting or camera re-positioning BACK to the view. Which is a confusing pain point for some projects.

    But furthmore...

    And even if it did, what if that view has a VT that is locking that from changing? Would Enscape tell us that it cannot complete the transaction? Or would it be able to update the VT? Or remove the VT from the view?

    And if it cannot, seems like a valid point to suggest that Enscape should catalog its views in its own browser UI? Independent from Revit's project browser?

  • Solar setting in Enscape is much easier than in Revit - especially for studying different positions very quickly. mattendler it seems as though they have started to do this with the linking and favorites - its very simple to select a view from multiple Revit files (open at once) to render.

    I am still learning Enscape - and seem to favor evening shots. Day shots have a little too much gray in them. Throwing a suggestion out there of lock views, but also have the "visual settings", be saved per view... rather than as a catch all.