School project render feedback

  • I like the back curved wall and the curved ramping walkway. I want to see more of the element to the right.

    The curved ramp seems to want to be more detailed / or contribute more to the space.

    The relationship of the tables / seating to the ramp seem arbitrary. Shouldn't they be influenced by the curved ramp?

    That handrail is not code compliant (sorry couldn't help it)

    If you are choosing viewpoints... this one is a bit awkward.... possibly wider angle will allow the curve to read better? What happens off to the right?

    Need a better texture for the ground. Definitely needs to be scaled down if brick.

  • There are some really interesting things going on, with a little tweaking it could be really nice.

    I definitely agree on changing the view. The ramp is coming from somewhere to somewhere for a reason, and you aren't sharing that with the viewer. Is this the picture you would take of the space if you were there trying to give someone a sense of what made the space great?

    The tables and chairs seem a little hap hazard, and don't really fit the mood of the space, it feels more like a living set vs outdoor seating. plus it's just too crowded in this shot, give room to breath in here.

    Agree the floor needs a better texture, smaller and more like pavers.

    Your glass feels a little flat and dead as well. there should be some reflection and transparency to it.

    I look forward to seeing where this goes. Kepp up the good work.

  • This is my first of a couple of renderings of a school project we are currently doing..

    It's a sample so every critic /feedback is highly welcome!

    Welcome to our forum! :) Don't be surprised, I've moved your thread to the showcase section - it fits better in there!