Enscape 2.7 for Rhino view manager keeps losing focus

  • Enscape 2.7 for Rhino

    there are times where I click on the view manager button, and the pop up menu will immediately lose focus and disappear, makes it impossible to star any view and switch views. Can we please make it so the pop up menu will not lose focus and be gone?

    Also related two problems:

    1. deleting, creating views while using enscape will take forever
    2. encape cannot overwrite existing Rhino views with the same name, so in order to update the view angle or setting of a view, one had to manually delete and resave, which because of the issue above takes forever, or one is left with a file with massive amount of views to avoid overwriting.
    • Official Post

    Thanks a lot for your post julywarm , regarding all these problems, please first of make sure that you're using our latest version 2.7.2. If that doesn't help, then it would also be great to receive a feedback report with your log files for sure:


    Thank you very much in advance. In the submission form, you can simply include a link to this thread by the way! :)