Skybox - Scaling?

  • Hi there,

    Is there a way to scale a skybox to become in proportion to the model?

    Most skyboxes seem well out of scale when used in models.

    Anyone know of a way to reduce or increase the scale of skyboxes?



  • Not possible to just scale it automatically... Its like asking to scale a photo to make it look like you were standing further away.

    However you can hack it in some cases (when background is essentially flat amyway) by editing your skybox in photoshop and tiling/repeating the background mulitple times (to make background smaller)

  • Thanks renderwiz, i did do some work in photoshop to crop a skybox to bring it down to a more accurate eye level, but did not try other tweaks as you mention. I have tried reducing and enlarging the skybox image size but with no change to the enscape view.

    Would be nice if Enscape had a scale factor adjustment variable for the skybox feature.

    Any other ideas anyone?


  • DPHORVATH , without any workarounds it's not easy/quite possible to simply rescale a skybox. A skybox is simply being created from a 360 degree image file, which includes all the information to be wrapped around the project, as a skybox. But in that regard if it would be scaled, or stretched, or anything of the likes, you'd run into distortions or weird behaviors very quickly. :) Still, we have a feature request on our agenda to help with this kind of scaling still, but this may not be easy to implement and/or probably won't be coming anytime soon. In that regard we can advice to play around with different perspectives when the skybox is used with context. Or of course refer to a different skybox. :)

  • I have had this problem as well and have basically given up on trying to create/use/edit skybox environments because they always come out looking hugely out of scale relative to the model. A scaling function would be a huge advance in the usefulness of the product. Thanks.