Water and glass

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  • I am struggling to get good and correct exterior glass reflections, either they are blurry or they are mirrors, see attached animation.

    What is up with water? if I use a skybox/HDRi then water does not animate, when I only use Enscape sky then it does, see end clip of animation, it's only Enscape sky and the water appears to animate, yet all other clips where an HDRi is used it does not animate, is this a known bug?

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  • There should be no difference in terms of moving water with HDRI background or normal sky. Isn't the water moving at 1:21?

    Regarding the window reflections: Be sure to set the opacity to 1% only. The reflections itself are to be improved, the Revit preview version already has improved reflections. It will come soon for SketchUp too.