need help with light stripe

  • Hello,

    Im triyn to make the light stripe with emissive texture under this wood wall, but the light is not the same at the edge and the corner, even when i start rendering, the light seems fine...:(

    Someone have a solution for this issue?

    Thanks :thumbsup:

    -when i start rendering

    -the result :(

  • duydaonguyen , thanks a lot for your post and welcome to our forum. :)

    In that case, does it perhaps help to simply increase the brightness of this surface? It may also be a bit more ideal if you'd be using line lights, or rectangular lights. The output of the rendering should be more similar to the results you have in the render preview.

    If you're not successful, please happily share the project with me and I'll assist you further. If that isn't possible, let me know and I'll recreate the scene myself.