illuminated object bug

  • Guys i really need yor help.. i dont know whats going on my render

    I have a bug/error that keeps on happening, regardless of the 3d model and/or material Im using. Out of nowhere, normal materials, like a wood floor or a stack of bath towels become self iluminating and/or with transparency. When this happens the composition of the material remains the same, having no justification for this changes. It has happen with no apparent reason and sometimes it goes away in the same manner.

    can you guys help??

  • sarasofiacosta

    Changed the title of the thread from “obj” to “illuminated object bug”.
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    The second rendering looks rather normal to me, the first one is a bit confusing since in SketchUp there is obviously no floor, but it's displayed in Enscape - can you please upload the project to for example and send me the link? :) If it's confidential let me know and I'll send you a message through which you can also send me the link.

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    Please kindly write in English so everyone can read what you're saying. :) Feel free to use google translate of course! Also, a warm welcome to our forum. I hope you'll enjoy your stay.