How does Enscape handle IES files?

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  • Hi,

    I imported an IES file for a light fixture rated max candela 2,600. However, I have to pump it up to 1,000,000 candela for it to look close to correct in the render. If I set it to 2600, even after adjusting camera exposure the render looks bad.

    How does enscape handle IES files? Does it only pull the shape from the file, or is it translating the output in some way that I don't understand? If the candela slider in Enscape is simply an intensity slider not tied to candela in real life, I would suggest changing that to "Intensity" or "brightness" or something to eliminate confusion.

    However, it would be amazing if it locked to the actual output from the IES file and rendered accordingly. After doing that, Enscape could make the light level renderer better reflect what we would see in real life similar to software like Dialux and AGI32. Those softwares produce great false color renders but not very pretty too look like. Adjusting these features would result in making Enscape a much more robust tool.