Custom Asset Library Import for 2.8?

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  • In the Enscape 2.8 development agenda it is mentioned that "Custom Asset Library Import" is a "Stretch Goal".

    That post was last updated in March, and the ETA for 2.8 is end of June, so I wonder what the status of that feature currently is.

    Personally I think this is the most important feature by far compared to everything else mentioned in the development agenda for 2.8.

    The reason I am asking now is because I am debating whether or not to create a custom library based on Pieter's Tutorial, or if I should just wait for a month or so for the official Custom Asset Library Import.

  • I would like to add my voice to the chorus here. The stock library is lacking a lot of things I would use on a daily basis and you will never be able to satisfy power users no matter the quality of included content.

    Custom assets should be a priority, not a "stretch goal".

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    It's more likely that Custom Asset import may come with 2.9 I'm afraid. Feel free to, of course, give Pieter 's tutorial a shot in the meantime:

    Tutorial: how to create custom Enscape assets

    It seems to be working very well indeed, even if it requires a couple of steps. :) Thanks a lot for the support of Pieter as well.

    Be assured, that custom Asset import is coming, we just want to only release it once it's really up to our quality standards.

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    Hey Demian,

    I tried so send a pm but couldn't get through (you're in too many conversations ;) ).

    Ah, pardon me! All cleared up now. :)

  • Thank you for letting us know. Now if it comes with 2.8 it will be pleasant surprise ;)

    Would the assets created with Pieter's program continue to work once the official Custom Asset import is implemented?

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    Okay, short update, this feature will officially be implemented with 2.9, not 2.8. It has only been a stretch goal, and our developers were busy with implementing the other functionalities listed on the road-map. Zoom , we cannot say that yet for sure since this feature is still in development, but I'll let our developers know that this would be important for you.

  • Yes I would appreciate that as well :) But more importantly, I would appreciate an open implementation for custom assets.

    With that, I mean a non-cloud based solution so that we can host our assets locally. That will allow us to go in and tweak files ourselves. have multiple variations of the library, write small applications to automate tasks (that we'd be happy to share with the community here), etc. If the custom assets are exclusively hosted on the cloud, that will not be possible and we will be limited to the feature set provided by Enscape. Every feature (for example batch management, test libraries, ...) would need to be implemented by Enscape developers, which will take away developer time from core Enscape features. Also, it will be potentially much slower.

    I was hoping the custom asset functionality was going to be just a 'tool', similar to my simple tool, but with the capability to convert files to gltf (so you can input an .fbx or .obj file as the source for the asset). Possibly with a material tweaking and enscape rendering panel (nice-to-haves but not critical for the first iteration).

    For my office's usecase, there are only downsides to having assets hosted on the cloud: slower, less flexible, less customizeable. If you are thinking about hosting custom assets on the cloud, I hope it's optional and you offer a local option as well.

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    Thank you so much for the feedback. Be assured that your voices are being heard. :)

  • I have posted the entire syntax of the enscape gltf extension in the other thread a few weeks ago.

    If that's unclear I could post a simple example later today.

  • Pieter,

    I saw that, I guess I should clarify my question. If we want to code a value in the gltf for Enscape Transparency, what is the call? It would be helpful to know the others.

    I've tried "materialTransparency" and "materialOpacity" and several other wild guesses. Would be nice to have a developer guide for various calls.