Enscape Cars for Revit: please turn OFF "Always Vertical"

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  • Hello,

    placing cars on a sloped road I realized that the cars are always horizontal, and cannot be rotated.

    Editing the family in Revit, by turning OFF the parameter "Always Vertical" will allow the car to adapt to its placement face (topography), so that you wouldn't even need to rotate, actually.

    Is it possible top have all Enscape cars already setup in this way?

    Also, secondary request, why are cars classified as "Planting"? I changed the category to "Entourage", and they still work... Is this because of the scale factor of the planting category?

    Thank you

  • It would be nice if the json files for the assets has some revit specific flags like "shared", "category", "work plane based", "always vertical". That way we could optimize the assets (for example a book will almost always go on top of something so i would want it to be workplane based by default).

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    Thank you both, I'll gladly forward your great ideas accordingly. Also, the Assets are currently in the planting category due to the scale factor indeed - we want to adjust this in the future, but right now it's technically difficult.