• Dear Enscape team!
    Thanks indeed for creating a software of very good quality and affordable price.
    Last times I have been working a lot on a landscape design with Revit and Enscape. Few essential shrubs, grasses, bushes are missing for creating an unbeatable and professional presentation.

    Evergreen bushes, good asset of prarie grasses, few flowers of red or rose color are in real demand.
    Among them are very welcome such species as

    1. juniperus horizontalis

    2. Taxus baccata

    3. Low mountain pine

    2. rhododendron

    3. oleandr

    4. fraser photina !
    5. Gortenzia white

    6. Flame Maiden Grass (should be a little different from what is now in the asset, not so flat-shaped palm)

    7. black eyed susan, sedum. lavender etc.

    8. Japan Maple

    9. Low mountain pine

    10. yellow potentilla

    Color of trees is really cold, oversaturated, quite unnatural, especially at the distance. That would be great if a user may adjust it so to receive multiple types of plants using just one shape.
    Also would be good if one may switch off the pots, they interfere sometimes with a project style.

    with :love:

  • Thank you, your feedback has been gladly forwarded. :)

  • Thank you, your upvotes will be taken into account. :)

  • arch.s.patane , Bigmachussey , are you both referring to all the asset requests above? :) Also, perhaps there are some additional ones worth mentioning you'd like to see implemented?

  • Yes, I'm referring to the list Roman V put together.

    Color is a big one. The exterior planting has few options for colorful shrubs or flowers.

    We use Maiden Grasses quite frequently and it would be great to see a tall grass like that in the asset library.

    A few others I could throw in would be a River Birch tree and a Red Barberry Bush.

    Thanks for your work on expanding the library!