Transition effects

  • I know it's fashionable to dump on Powerpoint - but it has it's moments - and even though all too often over-used, its slide transitions can still really be used with great effect.

    Why am I talking about Powerpoint? Well, sometimes a story narrative moving through saved viewpoints in Enscape isn't singularly linear - and when one taps the page-down key to move forward through the story and sends everyone powering through a building along the curious pseudo-spline connecting-path the Enscape creates, it can be very jarring.

    By now almost everyone using Enscape must have seen Phil's clever hack-trick with keyframe fades - but that's (only useful) for render-saved video outputs. In standalones, and live-sessions, the "eyes-open-teleport" between disconnected viewpoints becomes a challenge - and whilst we encourage our folk to keep the story as sequential as can be, as if on a walking tour, sometimes you "just" have to launch yourself 100metres into the air, or 1km away.... so... could we perhaps, one day, see some kind of (elective switch-on/off) fade-to-black/white or (other) transition effects?