Sections with lights and shadows

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  • Hi! Is it possible to make a section view (with a section plane) in a model in sketchup and to have natural ligth and shadows in the interior space?

    If it is not possible no make this in this way, there is another way to make a section view with natural ligth and shadows?

    In my model, when I put a section plane, the interior is too dark.


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    JorgeRR , welcome to our forum and thank you for your post. :)

    At the moment, due to technical reasons, light will not be cast through a section cut, but shadows still will - I've gladly forwarded your inquiry as well. It may be technical challenge, but in the future we should be able to allow for light entering these cuts, but I cannot make any promises yet.

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    From a technical standpoint, why is this possible in Revit but not in SketchUp?

    Please make this a high priority! We need it!

    Good question of course - in Revit itself the geometry is actually missing, which is why there are no shadows cast. In SketchUp the geometry is technically still there, it's just hidden, so we only get that out of SketchUp and can not know what is missing exactly and what not from a technical standpoint. I hope you get the idea, we're aware of this limitation and if technically possible we'll resolve it - although chances are this isn't possible yet, otherwise we would've done it already.

  • Has there been any progress on this? Shadows not being correctly cast in sections (vertical or horizontal in axo plans) is a complete deal breaker. It's disappointing this seems to be taking so long to rectify when the functionality is available within Twinmotion and the like. Yet Enscape is still my favourite renderer, so having to use Twinmotion just for sections and axo plans sucks big time. The rendered output between the two software's just never matches......please do push for this. I know of others who won't use Enscape because of this limitation.

  • Hi there,

    I've got the opposite issue in Revit where I want to see accurate shadows from the section rather than the shadows cast by the cut geometry. Is there anyway to show realistic shadows as if the model is not being cut?