flicking animation

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    cmz , welcome to our forum! May I ask why you're not simply rendering the video through Enscape directly? Have you been creating a view per rendering? Because we also provide the ability to export videos as image files too. Check out our dedicated knowledgeable article here for further info.

    Once you've created a camera path you're happy with, you can export the video, simple go into the Visual Settings -> Capture tab -> here you can set the Compression Quality to Lossless if you only want images exported and not a video file. Setting it to Maximum will export a video instead.

    Let me know if you experience any issues in the video as well.

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    Demian Gutberlet Is this a known limitation? (flickering when using batch rendering of views vs camera paths as shown in the attached GIF)

    Using the batch function has several applications which are not possible otherwise with the standard camera animation system. I am planning to use this on an upcoming project.

    Good question of course - in that regard it will be worth to add that this may be simply caused from the Automatic Exposure being turned on. cmz , feel free to also disable that setting:

    And you may have to adjust the Exposure manually afterward. Let me know if that doesn't help if possible!

    I currently think that he may not be aware of the video editor functionality yet, but perhaps he has a very specific use case creating videos through batch renderings.