Struggling with light

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  • Hi there!

    I’m drawing/designing a house and it’s now time to render it. I’m facing two problems for which I don’t know what’s happening and thus what I could do to get rid of it.

    My interior wall are painted with the SketchUp colour “Snow White “ that looks like a faded pink colour. In some of the rooms, the top corner of the walls look like they use some emissive colour. The wall used to stop right where the ceiling begin. I tried to build them higher in order to not let some outside light entering through. No luck. For what it’s worth I used an HDRI file as background for the scene.

    Also, using any HDRI files make the whole outside as bright as a thousand suns (the background image turns black and the outside walls of the house are flash white). Setting the sun as 0% in the visual setting looks ok for inside the house, but now the outside looks a lot dark.

    what the heck ? :D

  • The Sketchup white colors are brighter than real-life colors. Usually anything above 90% white will start washing out/look like an emmitter. It's the right move to darken the color, but it's the Sketchup white that's the "trick," not the more gray color.