White surroundings

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  • I just noted in the new preview version feature list (that I've yet to install) there are some changes to the horizon and backdrop - which has reminded me to ask (as I can't recall having before) would it be at all possible to do away with the environment entirely?

    Specifically, even with a solid-colour ground plane and/or sky map - there is still a "shading effect" across said planes - which means when wanting to only show the "model", live, standalone or as screenshot, we can't (as desired).

    For screenshots (often destined for a report on good old boring plain white backgrounds) we find ourselves having to run around and magic-wand/lasso the building apart from shades of murky white/grey - which is a bit of a bore, (complicated by the gradations) since it's not like we can set up the masks for re-use as we can't ever return to the exact same viewpoint (itself a problem)

    So I was wondering, can we have an option where both ground and sky planes are completely absent - and ONLY the model gets "rendered" - like how we can with, (cough) Revit already?

    Does that make any sense?

  • You can download a white Skybox here:


    With v2.1 we will introduce horizon templates, having such white background will be a good addition for upcoming versions. :thumbup:

  • snowyweston A plain white skybox should do the job.

    And you can activate an additional background mask for the export of screenshots in the Capture tab of our settings.

    Regarding the Viewpoint:

    You can create Revit 3D views out of Enscape. By selecting these 3D views you should be able to return to the exact same position and view angle.