How do you use the Asset Library?

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    Hello there!

    As you may have noticed, we originally planned to provide the possibility to have custom assets in our Asset Library for 2.8. Unfortunately the feature had to be postponed due to unexpected effort in other features. But it is planned to be the major feature for the fall release at the moment.

    There are a couple of other asset related features we are planning to implement in the next major releases. But we are struggling with the definition in some points because we don't have much reliable information on how you guys are using the Asset Library.

    I would appreciate your feedback on the subject very much! It would help a lot in improving Enscape both in functionality as well as in usability!

    So how are you using the Asset Library?

    Are you using the search bar, categories or tags?

    Do you always know exactly what you are looking for?

    Is your asset browsing more likely to be focused on a style (e.g. 'wood'), a topic (e.g. 'chair') or related to the project context (e.g. 'construction')?

    Thank you all!

  • So how are you using the Asset Library?
    Currently I am using it quite a lot (just starting up) for spicing up different scenes, interior and exterior, which I want to introduce to my customers. Unfortunately I do have to rely often on the 3d warehouse or other places for 3d models, because I cannot change fabrics/materials/colors from the current assets.

    Are you using the search bar, categories or tags? / Do you always know exactly what you are looking for?
    Oftenly I do know what I'm searching for so I try to type in something I would like to find. But I see some keywords don't show what I want, even when they are in de description of the asset. For instance: type in VR to see and find the lady holding the goggles. Also not all outdoor furniture can be found under categorie outdoor.

    Often when I try to add different kinds of accessoires, I just scroll through the items. Which oftenly slows down my workflow because I have internet through fiberwire, but still the assets oftenly load pretty slow.

    Is your asset browsing more likely to be focused on a style (e.g. 'wood'), a topic (e.g. 'chair') or related to the project context (e.g. 'construction')?
    For now I search more on topic + context relations.

    EDIT: Big compliments to the Enscape team for listening to the community, one of the reasons I want to invest more in Enscape instead of other tools! :)

  • Finding or searching assets has worked well for us. We use the categories primarily, and luckily Enscape has sorted the assets in very relevant categories.

    Once we selected the category, we mostly scroll through the library looking at the thumbnails until we find something that we like.

    If you are thinking about optimizing the search experience, I would suggest to optimize speed of scrolling through the library (it can be slow to load). And potentially a way to have larger thumbnails and resize the dialog.

    For us, asset selection is mostly a visual thing, metadata like search/tags is a nice-to-have but definitely not our preferred workflow.

    In terms of asset library use in general, it is mission-critical for us :). We couldn't do without it.

    Aside from custom assets, the thing we miss most is being able to override materials on assets with project materials. That way we can better integrate them into the project (for example: re-use the fabric we have on wall panels on a sofa). For us, it's important that the material overrides are per-project, because we want the freedom to experiment with altering asset material in the context of the project, without affecting other projects or filling up the library with test-assets.

  • So how are you using the Asset Library?

    We use it to add "life" to our projects. Especially in Revit where getting good content is more difficult

    Are you using the search bar, categories or tags?

    Mainly I sort by Category then scroll for what I'm looking for in that

    Do you always know exactly what you are looking for?

    No, I like shopping. It would be nice to have a request button built in to the browser in case we can't find what we're looking for though

    Is your asset browsing more likely to be focused on a style (e.g. 'wood'), a topic (e.g. 'chair') or related to the project context (e.g. 'construction')?

    I would say topics are the most used focus.

    The ability to add custom, or modify the existing assets, as well as continuing to build on the available asset library would be fantastic. People, Landscape and Cars are the items I use the most, furniture and decorations would be the next.

  • I recently was doing a kitchen and wanted things like plates, cups etc so searched for ‘Kitchen’ and got next to nothing though there’s obviously lots of assets such as plates/cups etc. So, what I’d like is far more keywords associated with each the assets.

    Every time I open the lib it takes an age to index/generate the thumbnails, and yes, I’ve repeatedly let it load everything in the hope it will cache them ... but no, it does it’s reindexing each session.

    Some sort of colour/material control would be damn useful but I know that’s probably a no go.

    essentially I think it’s nearly there but needs polish.

  • So how are you using the Asset Library?

    Our firm uses it primarily for adding people and vegetation to views.

    Are you using the search bar, categories or tags?

    Mainly categories and then scroll through.

    Do you always know exactly what you are looking for?

    Yes, we look for a diverse combination of people that could fit into the category of 'sports' as we are a sports architecture firm.

    Is your asset browsing more likely to be focused on a style (e.g. 'wood'), a topic (e.g. 'chair') or related to the project context (e.g. 'construction')?

    I would say project context.

    Overall we would like to see more diverse people and people that could fit into the sports world of architecture. (I.E. people with generic jerseys, people with their arms up cheering - all of which could maybe have an adjustable color attached to their shirt/jersey, people in different sports equipment - football, soccer, rugby, Esports uniforms). Esports are becoming extremely popular and as we get more into Esport renderings, having people to populate the scene would be great! (I.E. people with gaming headsets on that could be placed in a chair at a computer).

  • So how are you using the Asset Library?

    A lot more than I anticipated to start with, I must admit :) It is a really easy way to dress up scenes in no time! the overall quality of the assets is great, and works for everything but the most detailed, specific views.

    one big wish i would love to see is custom colours for a number of assets. i often find myself NOT choosing a certain asset, simply because it is bright yellow or something. especially things like sofas, chairs and cars... an option to choose a grey or white version would make most of the 10x times more useful!

    Are you using the search bar, categories or tags?

    I would love to, but unfortunately i´ve found that searching is WAY to unreliable. I know i might be missing a ton of options if i seach, simply because the assets does not have the right associations. So instead i go though the whole list, and that takes time! I do, however, use the categories, which is a great way to narrow it down a bit.

    Do you always know exactly what you are looking for?
    almost always... but it does happen that something catches your eye when looking through the list :)

    Is your asset browsing more likely to be focused on a style (e.g. 'wood'), a topic (e.g. 'chair') or related to the project context (e.g. 'construction')?
    it really depends on what stage i'm at... but mostly by topic (trees, chairs, beds...)

    You guys are doing a great job on the library! and the custom import option is going to be a REAL game changer! ... if you add some colour options for some of the assets too, then we are golden :)

  • hope I'm not too late to add my two cents...

    Alot has been said that i agree with, usually don't know what I'm looking for other than catagory... tree, people, cars, etc.

    being able to set preview icon size would be nice, either all of them or if nothing else a selected item enlarged preview..

    one of my pet peeves is it always defaults to placing multiple items of the same item... well in general you don't want more than 1 item in a scene, (ie person, car, etc.) ...maybe having check marked a number of items for a multiple individual insert would be cool....(like a list)

    upon placing the item having it prompt for rotation would be nice (or at least the option to do this). An auto jitter/scatter would be a nice item for vegetation..

    like random size, rotate, and displacement when placing trees. Fuller (denser) trees and bushes are needed. definitely more shapes and sizes of bushes.. cant get enough.

    and as stated above, being able to change color/material for an item would be nice.. for example there is a very nice illuminated bollard, but cannot adjust light intensity, and color makes it less than useful.

    all your vehicles look the same. i bet there is at least 12 cars that if placed side by side would look rather identical. having more range in types (make,model,year) of vehicles would be nice. more trucks, suvs, etc. almost all are small round nosed cars.

    maybe even a drag and drop mode from the palette into the model would be great. that would speed up import. quickly grab, drop and move to the next.

    really need more handicapped people... half the time spent on plans is too meet ADA codes (stairs, ramps, counters, etc.).. might as well show it being used.

    LOVE they way you ask for your users input.. keep up the great work.

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    So how are you using the Asset Library?

    I save time by using models from asset library instead of searching for assets online.

    Thanks for your Feedback and welcome to our Forum.

    If you have any specific Asset wishes, let me know as well. :)

  • I know the thread has been alive for some time know, but...

    We are in the process of setting up a quite extensive library of Custom Assets. We need to be very specific when it comes to the furniture, vegetation, people and so on, that we use, so unfortunately we can't rely on the great but more generic Enscape Assets.

    One major issue with having a lot of Custom Assets is that we can only search for the Asset name in the Enscape Asset Browser, as it is now. It would be really great if we were able the do a wider search and search for words used in the Description, and maybe be able to categorise the Custom Assets as you have categorized the Enscape Assets?! Hope to see this function in a future release. In the meantime we will carry on puttting all Keywords in the name of the asset (example: Furniture_chair_lounge_.....assetpkg) :)

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    Thank you very much Lilja , I have gladly forwarded your Feedback accordingly - and a warm welcome to our Forum. :)