Pay per hour license suggestion

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  • Hello,

    The monthly or yearly licenses are good for companies but not as friendly for personal use.

    I would like to use Enscape at home to test ideas and do some sketches from time to time, but I will not use it more that 5 or 6 days per month so it's not worth paying.

    Will you consider another type of licence based on usage time?

    For example, it could be a prepaid 200 hours of usage.

    Thanks for considering!

    • Official Post

    Hi Bogdan,

    thank you very much for your feedback! I'm sorry to hear Enscape for you isn't worth 45$ a Month. I have filed your remark, but chances are it would be a little too complicated and difficult to track individual usage by hours or minutes and invoice users based on this information. We also do not really want users to have to close the Enscape window as soon as possible in order to save money - you should still be able to enjoy the visualization and have the time to experience your models.

    Still, your feedback has been filed. Thanks a lot for the insight, and don't hesitate to share any further ideas with us!