Standalone View and Web Standalone Security Managing

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  • Good day to User all around the world and Enscape Team!!

    I am working as an Architecture Software Developer for my company. Currently, we have had a lot of cool stuff working with Enscape. We recevied many good comments from our staffs that Enscape give them a change to work with Virtual rendering easily and to make more realistic models. For our clients, with Standalone View and Web Standalone, we make them to be stunning as they requested to want to feel their models.

    Everything is going so well until I recevied an offer from my Directors that they want Standalone View and Web Standalone need to be more secure.

    So the question is, how can I make sure that my Standalone and Web Standalone are in protected - by ourself company of course. Is there any solutions or recommendations for keeping the models and the links in our control? Could it be to limit people that try to log in to open Standalone View and Web Standalone Link?

    Thanks everyone for spending time for this (I hope my English didnt rule anything):P

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    ACSD N.Khoa , welcome to our forum!

    We may actually provide some more safety measurements when it comes to Web Standalone files, I'll also gladly forward your feedback to our developers - furthermore, the .exe Standalone files themselves could of course be better protected even right now since it's just a local file. One easy solution would be putting these .exe Standalone files in a corresponding WinRAR or Zip archive with password protection - there is also software available which allows you to have password protected hard drives for example, to further secure them.

    Perhaps you're referring to our panoramas though with "Standalone View"? If so, then dedicated protection may also be available in the near future, or you could download the panoramas as image files and host them on a web server accordingly. I would get in contact with your system administrator / or perhaps a web developer for that subject. :)

  • Hi Demian, glad to see your responses.

    The fact that during using Enscape, the big problems is not about the software but it is about the Exe security itself. We have tried many to secure our file (Exe and Web) but it pretty hard since the software itself doesn't has any function for security managing. We have tried to password the Exe with WinRar and Zip then send it to clients...and the problem comes after that...They got the password, extract the file which contains the Exe and share it, that means even using Winrar or Zip, we still can not make sure the Exe files are securited and under controled by not only the client but it has to be our company too.

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    We could also use some kind of security with the web version to be able to share it.

    That is something which is planned for the near future. Thanks for your feedback as well. Do you have any specific security wishes?

  • Agreed. Anything under an NDA is a problem as you have no control once it gets out into the world, Also as its on Escapes service they technically should have signed an NDA if they can access the data. Also to further deepen this topic. Where is the Data hosted? AWS or some other data hosting broker and how is it secured there. I know some of the companies folks work with directly compete with Amazon and the likes in some form or fashion and do not allow there IP to be stored on an competitors service, openness about who is hosting would be helpful.

    One other option on the EXE standalone side of things is you could use a service like Box to host the file giving you control over who can access it and share the link, expirations etc. Alternatively Navisworks has a nice export feature you can use to create a NWD file that expires and has password protection so it becomes useless if someone shares after expiration, something like that might work for the Exe and Web standalones.